Blairgowrie Beach House

Blairgowrie Beach Houseas seen on the Australian TV show Top Property on Foxtel channel Aurora

In a seaside village in Victoria sits the boutique area of Blairgowrie. With national parks and beaches on its doorstep, this home really does scream ‘living the dream’.

Chris Blaber, the owner/builder of this home, had a strong idea of what he wanted and that was a modern take on a beach house.

With what started as just a sketch on paper, Blairgowrie Beach House is recognisable from its exposure on TV. Chris is the face of Top Property, a new TV show on Foxtel channel Aurora. The show is made up of 12 episodes where this home was documented from start to finish. Chris mentioned that anytime he has seen an amazing home, glass has been the number one factor, the bridge between the inside and the outside. With plenty of light filling the luxurious spaces of this home all year round and subsuming the surrounding landscape, it really is a modern day beach house.

Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, the home is a story of bold geometric lines set upon a contemporary aesthetic. The black powder coated window frames balance the feel of the soft, pastel interior fixtures with the bold landscape and Australian hardwood.

Being in a BAL-29 zone, close to a national park, there was a very stringent energy report. Our ThermalHEART® brand helped them achieve what they wanted to achieve. This innovative range is 32% more thermally efficient than standard double glazed windows and doors. It is ideal for applications where minimising cold and heat transfer is a priority.

Connecting the main living area with the outdoor decking is Series 731 – a thermally broken sliding door. This sliding door incorporates commercial design features within a platform purposely designed for residential applications. Series 731 is a bold and unique system that can have up to four sliding panels in each direction and, as in this particular application, a flush sill.

The team at Rosebud were there to discuss and advise framing, hardware, glazing, energy & BAL requirements for all the windows and doors. With a large and diverse array of building products used in the home, Rosebud’s great technical understanding of the windows and doors as well as the installation process enabled Chris to achieve the end vison he wished to achieve.

The end result is a beautiful, energy-efficient, bushfire rated home that can withstand the natural Australian environment.

Fabricator: Rosebud Windows

Builder: Chris Blaber

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