Commercial Framing | Series 936

Commercial Framing | Series 936

FrontGLAZE Double Glaze 225mm Framing

FrontGLAZE Double Glaze 225mm Framing
Maximum Panel Height* Various
Maximum Panel Width* Various
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 30mm
SHGC Range 0.34 - 0.62
Uw Range 4.8 - 6.8
AS2047 Testing Certified Cyclone Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact AWS Technical Support for more information, e-mail

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • Elevate™ Double glazed FrontGLAZE™ shopfront framing system with 36mm wide glazing pocket is designed to accept up to 30mm thick Insulating Glass Units (IGU’s) with the required 12mm bite and assist fabricators in reducing assembly and glazing labour times.
  • This system can be used in cyclone areas and in other areas where we tall units without central mullion support are required
  • High water resistance can be achieved using the heavy duty interlocking mullion. Has been successfully tested at 1200Pa water resistance with standard external bead and interlocking mullion.
  • The 225mm x 60mm framing system is designed for high wind load areas with an extra strong interlocking mullion. This interlocking mullion has retention lugs for tall mullions without transoms and framing in high wind load areas.
  • The product is ideal for car showrooms
  • Sub-head and sub-jamb have pressure fit external cover bead, this makes frame installation significantly easier.
  • Extra overlap on sub-head to cater for roof movement under wind load.
  • Mullions supported with heavy duty angle brackets.
  • Heavy duty transom designed to carry heavy pieces of glass.
  • Sill locked into sub-sill with custom retention brackets.
  • Glazing pocket reducers allow thinner glass (as low as 6mm thick) to be installed.
  • Glazing pocket will accept co-extruded captive glazing wedges.
  • Farming will accept pivot swing doors using 150 mm wide COC closer transom.

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    • Subhead

      We also offer a sub-head without external cover

    • Subsill

      Tall frames will expand, 936 incorproates a sub-sill that allows for frame expansion. 

    • Head Expansion Clearance

      This illustration highlights the head expansion clearances.

      Head Expansion Clearance
    • Wide Glazing Pocket

      Wide glazing pocket accepts IGU’s up to 30mm thick. Pocket reducers to allow glass from 6-18.40mm thick including laminated cyclone glass.

      Wide Glazing Pocket
    • Accepts Pivot Doors

      Pivot doors can be fitted into Series 936 framing.

      Accepts Pivot Doors
    • Interlocking External Leg

      Full interlocking external leg for maximum strength and weather performance.

      Interlocking External Leg
    • Accepts Awning Sashes

      We can fit double glazed awning sashes into Series 936.

      Accepts Awning Sashes
    • Heavy Duty Interlocking Mullion

      The 225 x 60mm Interlocking mullion is significantly stronger than 102 and 150mm systems as can be seen on the examples above.

      Heavy Duty Interlocking Mullion
    • Concealed Drain Holes

      The transom drain holes are concealed in the external drip recess.

      Concealed Drain Holes

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